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The reality is this…

Things aren’t that bad from the outside looking in. You have family, friends, and a job.

But you aren’t happy anymore.

You spend all day every day taking care of everyone around you, and no one seems to think about you.

That’s fine though because if they saw the real you, they wouldn’t like what they see.

Those negative thoughts and critical voices tell you that you’re a fake, you’re incompetent, you don’t deserve to be happy.

Why is this happening?

Those critical voices are seeds that were planted years ago.

And the voices in your head have created an overgrown jungle of negativity, emotional paralysis, and roadblocks that are stopping you from living a life that is meaningful, present, and full.


You’ve tried to fix this.

You’ve set new goals, you’ve tried to get organized. Hell, you’ve even read a few self-help books.

But you still find yourself depleted, depressed, and anxious.

This is not the life you want.

So what now?

This is where I come in.

Together, we can figure out where those critical voices are coming from and silence them.

Together, we can work to rebuild your self-concept.

It’s time to prioritize yourself.

You matter. You deserve to heal. I can help.


Hi, I’m Dani.

Danielle Schlichter, PsyD

I became a therapist to help people just like you. I have been where you are! I know all too well what it’s like to feel like a fake, to put myself last, to feel paralyzed by perfectionism.

Let’s work together to tear down all those invisible roadblocks that separate you from the life you want and deserve. You can reconnect with those parts of yourself that you thought you lost – creativity, passion, and balance.

You will grow stronger, more confident, and more grounded. You will find your purpose again.

Therapy isn’t easy, but I’ll be your partner, guide, and cheerleader. We can walk together through the fear and pain and celebrate the positive changes and wins.

Imagine waking up on a Monday morning and not dreading the week ahead. You feel energized and excited to tackle the day, connect with the important people in your life, and move ever closer to your goals. Imagine loving your life again. Imagine loving yourself, too.

We can do this together!

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