Individual Therapy

Receiving support and understanding is instrumental to the healing process. Working one-on-one with Dr. Schlichter will help you gain understanding and insight into your own mind, develop tools to deal with life’s challenges, and help you create a more functional and satisfying life.

  Group Therapy

Dr. Schlichter is also trained in and provides group therapy. This type of environment allows for group support, relationship building, and peer feedback in a more affordable setting.  Contact Dr. Schlichter directly to find out what groups are currently available.

  Family Therapy

Family dynamics can be complex and challenging. Dr. Schlichter helps families identify roadblocks to effective communication and increase mutual understanding and respect. Dr. Schlichter has specialized training in helping families with varied cultural backgrounds.

  Home Visits

These days it is rare for a therapist to provide home treatment. Sometimes because of physical limitations, transportation problems, or special issues such as hoarding, it is necessary for the therapist to come to you. Dr. Schlichter is experienced and willing to provide therapy in these special circumstances.

  Hoarding Disorder

Newly recognized, Hoarding Disorder is a complex and painful challenge for both the person who clutters and his or her loved ones. Dr. Schlichter has researched extensively on Hoarding Disorder and has been treating it for several years. Dr. Schlichter specializes in helping clients combat their clutter and accumulation through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, while at the same time going deeper to address the roots of the behavior.

Often it is the family and friends of someone with a hoarding issue who are more affected and traumatized by their behavior. Dr. Schlichter works with families and loved ones to offer support, guidance, and tools to navigate this complex relationship.

Psychological Therapy, Hoarding

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There are different ways to approach therapy. Below are the services that Dr. Schlichter provides.